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** New Improved Petrek 3G! **

Update March 2017: Since the release of the Petrek 3G GPS Pet Tracker Version 1, the new Version 2 Petrek 3G features significant internal hardware changes and firmware updates to improve accuracy and timing of location updates and also battery life. These changes have been developed over the last 4 months and, so far, testing has proved successful. We are finalising the testing now so that we hope to release the new model in the coming 4-6 weeks. Please keep an eye on the website for further updates.

Update September 2016: Our first commercial run was sold out much quicker than we had anticipated and, as a result of further testing and feedback, we are making some modifications to ensure the next batch of Petrek 3G trackers performs even better – especially for people in more remote areas. If you don’t mind, we can put you on a waiting list and contact you as soon as the next batch of Petrek 3G trackers become available. We don’t currently have a estimated time of release, but we are working to release the new improved version as soon as possible.

Towards the end of 2015, as soon as we found out that most of the mobile phone service providers would no longer be supporting the existing 2G network by the end of 2016, we stopped selling the PetrekGPS Pet Tracker. We have been working on the development of a 3G pet tracker for nearly 2 years and the final testing in Australia has now been successfully completed!! We apologise for the delay in availability of the new Petrek 3G GPS Pet Tracker, thank you for your patience and hope that you understand that we needed to fully test the new 3G version prior to the commercial release. We know that it will be worth the wait!

The new Petrek 3G GPS Pet Tracker is the world’s first and smallest 3G dedicated GPS tracker for pets!

As well as the great and dependable features of the existing model here is a snapshot of some of the great new features of the new Petrek 3G GPS Pet Tracker…......

3G compatibility - giving it the best coverage ever!

Smaller and lighter body -  now suitable for cats and toy breed dogs!

IP67 Waterproof rating - so fully submersible to one metre!

Magnetic waterproof charger - just magnetically attach it to the charging plug!

Still runs on the proven, reliable iPet App!

Long battery life!



Stock is selling fast so contact us now to purchase your

NEW Petrek 3G GPS Pet Tracker. 



Do you love your Dog or Cat so much that losing them would feel as bad as losing a family member?

We know the feeling, and that is why, after years of R&D, we developed an advanced GPS Tracker.
This product was created specifically for and by pet owners who gave Lintek valuable feedback about what they wanted in a pet tracking system. With the current technologies available we have managed to put together a GPS Tracker that took as little as 30min to charge to full and lasted days of usage while also being able to reserve battery life when no movement was detected.

The Petrek GPS is the most innovative GPS Pet tracker in the market and, at 30 grams, can be used with even small dogs and cats! It operates using a pre-paid SIM card so you are not locked into any monthly costs. The Petrek GPS comes with a pre-installed SIM card loaded with enough credit to last 3 months that only needs activating after you have received the tracker. 

So what makes the Petrek 3G GPS Pet Tracker so advanced?

Well, it’s the first 3G GPS Pet Tracker on the market. Our previous 2G Petrek Pet Tracker was also the first to offer a phone app that we developed especially for smartphones running on iOS and Android based systems. The app is now called iPet and, with the iPet app you are able to use your smartphone to do various functions!

  • Live location: Get live location updates by the press of a button shown on Google Maps with an accuracy of 2.5metres so you know exactly where your pet is or the last location of your pet. *1
  • Satellite view: With the touch of a button you can use full satellite imagery so you know which house, tree or fence your pet might be closest to. *2
  • Geo-Fencing:  Through the Android and iPhone set a perimeter around your property from 100metres to 1000 metres. When your pet leaves the area or house, you get an alert on your phone for you to start finding your pet.  *3
  • Low Battery alert: When your Petrek GPS Pet Tracker is about to run out of juice, you will get a text to alert you to charge it up. *4
  • Battery life: If the tracker does not detect movement it simply goes into sleep mode to save battery usage. Depending on how active your dog is, the unit can last from 8 hours to 8 days. This is also dependent on how frequently you have set the location updates (Urgent Mode - every 30-60 seconds, Normal Mode - every 5-10 minutes and Power Saving Mode - every 2 hours). IMPORTANT: Battery life can change significantly depending on settings, location, mobile coverage etc.  *5
  • Submersible: the new Petrek 3G has an IP67 waterproof reading which means that the tracker can be submerged in water 1 metre deep for 30 minutes!
  • Location History: Using the iPet app you can find out where your pet has been for any day in the previous 2 months!
  • Heat Map: Using this function, you can tell where your opet is spending most of his or her time during any day over the previous 2 months. NOTE: The Heat Map function is NOT available to iPhone users.

*1 – Live location updates require full GSM and GPS signal. GPS signals require clear sight of sky. If the tracker is inside a building with metal or concrete roofing it may affect GPS signals. So for best location updates the tracker requires to be outdoors. LBS Assist function: If the tracker is indoors or under a building the tracker will then search for the nearest telecommunications cell tower (GSM) to give you an idea of which area it might be. This guesstimation of location using GSM can be turned off if preferred. Please read the terms and conditions for more information.

*2 – Satellite view is only as accurate as the GPS signal - if there is GPS signal you will get a very accurate view. If there is no GPS signal as mentioned in *1 then, if LBS Assist function is enabled, the view will show you the nearest location using cell towers just to give you an idea of which area the tracker is located.

*3 – Geo-fencing relies on adequate GPS signal strength - as long as the tracker is moving and is outdoors, movement outside of the perimeter of the Geo-fence will be picked up but if it’s inside a vehicle and not near the window it may not pick up. The timing of the notification that your pet has left the Geo-fence area depends on the settings you are using for location updates.

*4 – Low battery alert applies only If there is GSM signal, if the collar is in an area with no reception you may not get a warning.

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