Petrek GPS Pet Tracker Battery Life

Q? Petrek GPS Pet Tracker battery life, Can it actually last up to 1600hrs?

A.  If you turned on the Petrek GPS Pet Tracker after full charge and left it on standby mode, then yes, it would last 1600 hours or 2 months. However, that is to demonstrate how our standby mode can help increase battery life so the less active your pet is the longer the battery lasts, and the more active your pet is the shorter the battery life.  Battery life shortens depending on how many functions you have activated as well.

For example, the greatest power consumption would be if you are using an Android based phone and you have low voltage alert, proximity alarm and also GPS on (we recommend GPS to be on at all times) while also having it on a very active dog or a dog that breathes heavily. The movement of the dog keeps the Petrek GPS Pet Tracker powered on for the majority of the time rather than it going to Sleep mode to save battery. The Petrek GPS Pet Tracker in this situation would last around 48-72 hours depending on the number of times you are requesting its position. So if you’re only tracking its location a few times during the day, the Petrek GPS Pet Tracker will last many more hours. This is because it takes a lot of power to access a satellite dish and then immediately receive the location through a series of telecommunication towers. When proximity alarm is on, the Petrek GPS Pet Tracker  is checking its location every second it detects movement via the satellite to ensure your pet is still within the boundaries you have set. So this again will increase the power consumption and reduce battery life.

If you are using an iPhone, which requires GPRS usage while the Petrek GPS Pet Tracker automatically updates your location and if, for example, you have set the device to update the location every 5 minutes, then the battery would last around 24 hours. Updating location every 5 minutes is in most cases, an “overkill” but it gives you an idea of how many hours/days the battery would last.

So, in summary the battery life will vary depending on a number of factors but, in most cases for an active dog, the battery should last 2-3 days. This is not guaranteed as everyone's usage is different.

If your pet is normally indoors during the night or does not need to wear the Petrek LT-905G when you are around, simply turn off the tracker or keep it at charge and only attach it or turn it on when it is needed.

The best and most convenient action is for you to put the Petrek GPS Pet Tracker on your dog/cat when you leave the house or go to work in the morning and then take it off when you return at night, charge it for 30 minutes and put it back on the next morning. The time taken to fully charge the Petrek GPS Pet Tracker is only 25 – 30 minutes!