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Microchips Australia are proud to be the Australian distributor for Petrek 3G GPS Trackers and radio-frequency Pet Finders. We introduced animal microchip identification to Australia and continue to be leaders in the field of radiofrequency identification of animals in this country. Petrek 3G pet trackers and Pet Finders are a perfect match for our Trovan microchip products and we believe that this combination of RFID and RF/GPS tracking technologies offers the greatest chance of you and your pet staying together!

The Petrek 3G tracker is a new and innovative product and has the best features of any similar product on the market in Australia. In fact, as of September 2016, Petrek 3G is the only 3G pet tracker on the market in Australia. The features of the iPet mobile phone app for the Petrek 3G GPS Pet Tracker make this the most useful device of its kind available.

This site contains information about the products as well as information to help you understand how they work and how they differ from other technologies being used in companion animals in Australia. You can also buy any of the products directly from the website.

So, have a look around the exciting world of Pet Tracking................