If I microchip my pet, will I be able to find out where it is?

Unfortunately not, a microchip does not have any sort of “location tracking” based technology in it. It is a passive transponder that is activated by the energy from the scanner and this unique number then links to all of your pet's details on a national animal microchip registry database.Your details are protected but can be accessed by authorised personnel and this then helps animal shelters, vets and Council officers etc identify who the pet belongs to when found.

How long does a microchip last? Does it require battery replacements?

Lasts al most forever, and does not require any battery replacements as it does not need any power source to tell the scanner it’s details. That's the beauty of RF-ID (radio frequency identification).

Are the GPS Pet Trackers waterproof?

IP67 Waterproof rating - so fully submersible to one metre

Does the GPS Pet Tracker give off any radiation?

In short, yes they do, but do they harm anything?......not one bit! The GPS Pet Trackers have been CE (Europe compliance) and FCC (American compliance) approved. Meaning we have had to send everything we make to their international testing labs and go through up to 150 pages of safety tests and checks. This is simply to make sure that all of our products are 100% safe to be used on and by anything! The radiation levels from our trackers are next to none compared to the average cellphone humans use today!

What if I use more than one GPS Pet Tracker? Will it interfere?

Have more than one or two pets? Want to purchase more than one Petrek GPS Pet Tracker to track them all? GPS Trackers, well they are like mini smartphones for your pets. You simply insert a Sim card in as many GPS trackers as you like and you can dial the number of which ever tracker you are after for a location. So GPS Trackers won’t ever interfere with each other and have no limits unless you put in a Sim card with the same number as another.

Does a GPS Tracker work anywhere? Does it have to have GSM reception?

Yes & no, the Petrek GPS Pet Tracker tracks location using satellite, but it does not transmit the location to your phone via satellite data. Reason? Well it’s currently too expensive and the tracker would end up a lot bigger not to mention use much more power. The Petrek GPS Pet Tracker uses a GSM network to send it’s location to your phone using text and/or GPRS. So in short, it’s like a mini smartphone for your pet, which sends you their locations when you need it! So if your pet is in an area without reception, then unfortunately the Petrek GPS will not be able to pick up your calls or requests for it’s location. In most cases, it’ll jump straight to voice mail but we advise for you not to leave messages as your pet probably won’t be checking it!

What if there is no GPS reception for the GPS Tracker? What causes it?

The GPS receiver in the Petrek GPS Pet Tracker works much like your trusty GPS navigation, take it inside the house and it will, in most cases, lose GPS reception. So if your pet happens to be under a house, building or anywhere that can cover the tracker from the sky chances are you won’t get any GPS reception. So how would the Petrek GPS Pet Tracker find it’s location? It will simply look for the nearest cell towers to try and calculate the centre point and let you know which area your pet is closest to. In this case each area will differ depending on your area because some areas would have more cell towers and therefore give a more accurate calculation. For example, in Australia’s populated areas compared to the likes of NZ where there is a big population difference, Australia would always give a more accurate location calculation when in an area with no GPS reception due to the larger number of cell towers in most areas. In most cases cell tower estimation of location can be anywhere from 10 metres to 2 kilometres depending on how many cell towers are available in the area ..... the more cell towers the more accurate the calculation.

Why is my Petrek GPS Pet Tracker not replying or going to voicemail?

If you call your Petrek GPS Pet Tracker and it goes to voice mail, there are many possible reasons for this: 1)Sleep/standby mode – unit has not moved for 3 minutes so it is saving power 2)Sim card is not activated or has been disconnected 3)No reception, much like someone calling your phone in a "no network" area 4)The Petrek GPS Pet Tracker is turned off 5)The Petrek GPS Pet Tracker is out of battery 6)The Petrek GPS Pet Tracker is faulty 7)There is a mobile network tower error 8)the mobile network is overloaded in area - this can happen in some areas in Christmas/New Year

Why is my Petrek GPS Pet Tracker ringing but not replying with a position?

There can also be a number of reasons for this issue:

1)No credit on the Sim card – Check and make sure you always register your Sim card online for this reason!

2)Petrek GPS Pet Tracker is too low on battery to send a text back

3)Invalid caller I.D (caused by a network error or if you hide your number)

4)Petrek GPS Pet Tracker has a firmware crash and needs rebooting

5)Your phone’s message bank is full

Petrek GPS Pet Tracker battery life......can it actually last up to 2 weeks?

If you turned on the tracker after full charge and left it on standby mode, then yes. However, that is to demonstrate how our standby mode can help increase battery life so the less active your pet is the longer the battery lasts, and the more active your pet is the shorter the battery life. Battery life shortens depending on how many functions you have on as well. For example, if you are using an android based phone, and you have low voltage alert, proximity alarm and also GPS on (which we recommend at all times) and your dog is very active or breathing heavily preventing the tracker from going into Sleep mode the majority of the time then the Petrek GPS Pet Tracker in this situation would last around 72hours depending on the number of times you are requesting its position. So if you are only tracking its location a few times during the day it’ll last many more hours. This is because it takes a lot of power to talk to a satellite dish up in space and then immediately tell you its location through a series of telecommunication towers. Also when the proximity alarm is on, it is checking its location every second it detects movement via the satellite to ensure your pet is still within the boundaries you have set. If you are using an iPhone, because it requires GPRS usage and automatically has the Petrek GPS Pet Tracker update the location constantly, then, depending on the frequency you update it, the battery may have a shorter lifespan before requiring charging. For example, a 5 minute update interval would mean that the battery would last around 24 hours. A 5 minute update interval is generally an overkill but the example gives you an idea of how many hours/days the battery would last as opposed to a more common update just 2-3 times a day i.e. just confirming that your pet is at home! So the average time that a battery can last will vary but we’d safely say, in most cases and for an active dog, you could expect about 3 days or more of battery life. We think if your dog is normally indoors during the night or does not need to wear the tracker when you are around, simply turn off the tracker or keep it on charge and only attach it when it is needed!

My Petrek GPS Pet Tracker is not giving me an accurate location?

If your pet is inside a building then this can affect the GPS accuracy as the tracker needs a clear view of the sky to get a satellite fix. If your pet is inside the house and the tracker can’t connect to the satellite then the position of the tracker will remain inside the building until it gets the next fix. A good way of testing this is to go into the tracker settings page on the iPet app and check what the GPS status is indicating. a ‘Poor’ signal indicates that the your pet is indoors, ‘Normal’ is if the tracker is outside and has a decent coverage to update it position and ‘Excellent’ when it has a clear view of the sky.